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Maklaud Tombstone shisha pipe, comes in a special wooden box with mouthpiece and hose, 75 cm.

Aboutthe product

MAKLAUD is a brand of shisha pipes and accessories from Russia. Specialising in the manufacture of high quality products, MAKLAUD shisha pipes are truly exceptional items.
The MAKLAUD TOMBSTONE is an exceptional shisha pipe both in its finish and design and in its performance. The insert in the centre of the MAKLAUD TOMBSTONE's stem is proof of MAKLAUD's know-how and really sets this Russian brand apart.
Unlike other MAKLAUD models, the insert covers the entire stem. It is made of silver plated brass and represents a skull with an exceptional finish.
Delivered in a wooden box, the MAKLAUD TOMBSTONE shisha pipe also comes with a black silicone hose, a leather and stainless steel mouthpiece and tongs.
The MAKLAUD TOMBSTONE is made entirely from high quality stainless steel. The stem is attached to the vase via a seal.
At 75cm high, this shisha pipe is a truly exceptional and impressive model.
The MAKLAUD TOMBSTONE shisha pipe comes with a silicone hose, a leather and steel mouthpiece and tongs.

Features ofthe product
Size75 cm
Bowlnot included
HoseSilicone et manche en cuir
Fixingwith rubber