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Alpaca Predator American bowl, compatible with Apple On Top Provost and aluminium foil.

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Aboutthe product

ALPACA is an American brand, specialising in the manufacture of very high quality bowls. The ALPACA bowls are impressive both in terms of their weight and their glaze.
The clay used by the American brand is specially selected by ALPACA for an optimal result.
The special thing about ALPACA bowls is that they perfectly retain the heat emitted by your natural coals and redistribute it evenly so your molasses get consumed optimally.

ALPACA bowls are entirely handcrafted in the United States, so there may be slight differences between the colours and dimensions of each bowl.

The ALPACA PREDATOR bowl is a bowl specially designed for the PROVOST APPLE ON TOP heating system. This small bowl is made specifically for dark tobacco. In fact, the ALPACA PREDATOR is the optimal bowl for enjoying dark tobacco thanks to its small capacity and design.
However, this bowl can also be used with more "classic" tobaccos if you want shorter sessions.

With a capacity of about 12 grams of molasses with dark tobacco and about 9 grams with more classic tobacco, this bowl is very economical. Due to the materials it is made from, the ALPACA PREDATOR bowl also helps the tobacco to burn as evenly as possible for as long as possible

The phunnel (central hole in the centre of the bowl) on the ALPACA PREDATOR is slightly different from a classic phunnel since it is topped by a small bar to prevent your aluminium foil from clogging the phunnel and blocking your draw.

Please note: As they are handmade, each Alpaca bowl is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures.

Bowl dimensions:

Height: 10 cm
Bowl diameter 6.3 cm
Bowl's inside diameter: 5 cm
Depth: 1.3 cm
Phunnel diameter: 2.5 cm
Phunnel's inside diameter: 1.5 cm

Features ofthe product
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