EL-BADIA X MOON Phunnel bowl

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EL-BADIA X MOON Phunnel bowl, made in Russia, in white clay, volume 20 to 22g

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Aboutthe product

EL-BADIA X MOON Phunnel bowl, made in Russia in white clay available in several plain colours. The phunnel hole is crater-shaped to prevent molasses from falling into the hole.
The material that this bowl is made from increases the intensity of the taste.

The EL-BADIA X MOON Phunnel bowl is compatible with KALOUD or PROVOST heating systems.

As they are made by hand, these EL-BADIA X MOON bowls can slightly differ in shape and colour from the photos. 


Width: about 7.5 cm
Height: about 12 cm
Depth: about 1.2 cm
Volume: about 20-22 g

Features ofthe product
CompatiblePROVOST AOT, Kaloud Lotus ®
  • 10 - 02 - 2022
Goodvh Nice Amazing
يوسف ?.
  • 03 - 10 - 2022
Bon foyer consomme pas trop top
Kyamuran M.
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