Foyer El-badia Zenith


Colors (29)
  • Foyer El-badia Zenith DEVIL

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith BLACK ONYX

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith BLACK PHANTOM

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith OCEAN BLUE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith BLACK MARBLE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith SNOW WHITE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith SKY BLUE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith APPLE GREEN

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith ARCTIC

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith BLACK SHINY

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith CANYON

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith GOLDEN CARBON

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith GUM PINK

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith MIDNIGHT

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith PETROL CARBON

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith COBALT BLUE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith AZURE BLUE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith BLACK HALF MATT

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith EMERALD STONE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith GREEN SPLASH

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith ORANGE MARBLE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith ORANGE SPLASH

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith RAINBOW SPLASH

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith RED MARBLE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith RED SPLASH

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith SCARLETTE RED

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith WHITE MARBLE

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith WHITE SPLASH

  • Foyer El-badia Zenith RASPBERRY

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The EL-BADIA ZENITH Hookah Bowl, made from high-quality white clay, is a low-capacity Phunnel bowl ideal for intense sessions, compatible with all types of tobacco and perfectly suited for heating systems like the Kaloud Lotus or Provost.

Discover the EL-BADIA ZENITH Hookah Bowl, a must-have in the shisha domain for those seeking quality, performance, and aesthetics. Made in the south of Spain, this Phunnel type bowl is designed to provide a high-quality smoking experience, meeting the stringent standards of the El-Badia brand, known for its commitment to excellence.

Technical Features of the EL-BADIA ZENITH Hookah Bowl

  • Spanish Manufacturing with High-Quality White Clay: The white clay used for the Zenith is chosen for its durability and heat management capabilities, ensuring optimal smoking sessions.
  • Advanced Phunnel Design: With an inner diameter of 7 cm and a depth of 12 mm, the Zenith is a low-capacity bowl that ensures perfect air circulation thanks to its 14mm central hole, promoting smooth draw and intensified flavor.
  • Compatibility with Modern Heating Systems: The design is specifically tailored for use with aluminum foil and heating systems like the Provost and the Kaloud Lotus, ideal for powerful sessions.

Advantages of the EL-BADIA ZENITH Hookah Bowl

  • Optimal Heating Performance: The quality of the white clay ensures even heat distribution, allowing for better tobacco preservation and more intense flavor.
  • Exceptional Versatility: Compatible with all types of tobacco, whether blonde or black, as well as nicotine-free substitutes, the Zenith adapts to all preferences.
  • Customizable Smoking Sessions: Designed for personalized sessions thanks to its compatibility with various heating systems, allowing the user to control the intensity and duration of their smoking session.
  • Unique and Customizable Design: Available in a wide range of colors, each bowl is unique, handmade, enabling each user to find the bowl that perfectly matches their style.

The EL-BADIA ZENITH Hookah Bowl is the perfect choice for shisha enthusiasts who value quality and performance. Its thoughtful design and high-quality materials provide an unmatched experience, suitable for all preferences and sessions. Visit to explore the variety of colors and choose the bowl that best fits your needs.

Please note: As they are handmade, each bowl is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures.

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Naoufil B.


Bon foyer pour kaloud

Axel B.


Très beau je l’ai pris en noir mate assorti à la chicha. Je ne l’ai pas encore testé. Mais il a l’air très bien pour le prix.

Anonymous customer


Très bien

Anonymous customer


Bon foyer et n’est pas chaud pour l’enlever

Anonymous customer