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Il vous reste
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Il vous reste
Pour une livraison Tuesday

KOLOS CELESTE bowl, Russian brand available in multiple colours, white clay bowl with an unusual style, with 6 large holes and dozens of smaller holes

Aboutthe product

KOLOS CELESTE bowl, from the Russian brand KOLOS TANG. Made of white clay and partly glazed, it is a bowl with 6 large holes and a dozen small holes to improve your session's airflow. This bowl has a capacity of 15 to 20 g. Ideal for use with KALOUD LOTUS type heating systems, or the NA GRANI with an open Russian-style cover.

The KOLOS CELESTE bowl is thick, which helps it retain the heat.

Height: 8.5 cm
Width: 7.5 cm

Please note: since it is hand painted and hand glazed, no two bowls will be alike; the photos are not binding and colours may vary from these photos.