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320° DISC 3B XL charcoal 1Kg

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El-Badia 320° 3-BLOCK XL DISC coal 1Kg, premium natural charcoal for shisha pipes, ideal for Kaloud Lotus heater

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Aboutthe product

El-Badia 320° 3-BLOCK XL DISC charcoal is in the form of a disk that is 27mm in height and 5cm in diameter (whole disk) broken down into 3 blocks forming a third of a circle each.
El-Badia 320° 3-BLOCK XL DISC charcoal is perfectly suited to Kaloud Lotus heating systems. It is also perfect for other heat management systems such as ARC, QUASAR, MIG RAZOR, Oduman Ignis, Pulse HMS, etc. You can control the heat produced via the number of charcoal thirds you insert in the heater.

Today natural charcoal made from coconut bark has become a benchmark in the world of shisha pipes. In fact, these charcoal chunks have the advantage of being highly compressed which means they burn for a long time without altering the flavour of the shisha pipe. Today there are a large number of brands and types of coconut charcoal on the market, the best known being COCOCHA, BLACKCOCO and COCOBRICO. And this means it is available in varying degrees of quality.

With its 320° natural charcoal, EL-BADIA has met the highest quality requirements by giving you charcoal made from the best raw materials. 320° charcoal gives you optimal, long-lasting, odour-free heating, with very low ash production. This is the ideal recipe for a truly premium charcoal that will satisfy the most demanding of users. As for why it is called 320°? Well, this is the optimum heating temperature of coconut-based natural charcoal.

El-Badia 320° 3-BLOCK XL DISC charcoal 1Kg comes in a 1kg box

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