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SHISHA TURBINE NEXT ALL BLACK & GRELLOW EDITIONS: Fast electric charcoal lighter with circular air flow, made in Germany

Aboutthe product

The NEXT charcoal lighter from the German brand SHISHA TURBINE is an electric device to light your natural charcoal in about 5 minutes.

The ALL BLACK and GRELLOW versions are limited editions that are set apart by their aesthetics and performance.

With the SHISHA TURBINE NEXT lighter, you don't have to turn your charcoal round to light it on all sides. The device has flaps at a precisely calculated angle below the heating coil. These flaps alter the airflow from a vertical (turbo) flow to a circular, tornado-like airflow.

The spiral heating element is made of heatproof stainless steel.


230-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 700 W

Made in Germany

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