Aeon Edition 3 Premium Hookah

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AEON Edition 3 Premium Hookah, V2A stainless steel, 3 hose connectors and case included
Aboutthe product
The AEON Edition 3 Premium Hookah is a V2A stainless steel shisha pipe with glass vase with screw closure. Its sleek and modern design will appeal to all shisha lovers looking for quality and refinement. The AEON Edition 3 Premium Hookah measures 51cm and has two "cut" mouthpieces on the stem, one in size 18/8 and the other 29/2 so you can fit different custom accessories, such as molasses collectors. The PREMIUM version is supplied in a robust case and has 3 hose connectors. This German made shisha pipe also features an ingenious integrated valve system. The AEON Edition 3 Lounge Hookah is supplied without hose and bowl.
Features ofthe product
Size51 cm
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Transportfor storage & transport provided
Fixingwith screw system
Othercolumn cut 18/8 included
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