Chicha El-badia C7

EL-BADIA C7 hookah

Colors (8)
  • Chicha El-badia C7 BLACK

  • Chicha El-badia C7 GOLD

  • Chicha El-badia C7 CLEAR

  • Chicha El-badia C7 BLUE

  • Chicha El-badia C7 WHITE

  • Chicha El-badia C7 GREEN

  • Chicha El-badia C7 PINK

  • Chicha El-badia C7 CARBON

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The EL-BADIA C7 Hookah, large size 56cm, glass vase with CLICK system, 18/8 column cut supplied with silicone hose, metal handle, and chimney type heating system.

The EL-BADIA C7 Shisha is a benchmark for hookah enthusiasts seeking quality, design, and functionality. With its large size of 56 cm, it perfectly combines elegance and technical performance, offering a high-quality smoking experience at an affordable price.

Innovative Design and High-Quality Materials
The body of the EL-BADIA C7 Shisha is made from anodized aluminum, a material choice that gives the hookah exceptional lightness and fluid handling, even with its robust stature. The glass vase, equipped with a CLICK rivet closure system, ensures optimal sealing, adding both safety and efficiency to your smoking session.

Customization and Flexibility
The column of the EL-BADIA C7 Hookah features an 18/8 cut at the top, allowing easy customization by adding accessories such as a molasses catcher, thus tailoring the hookah to your specific tastes and needs. This modularity is ideal for users who value a personalized and renewed experience.

High-End Accessories for a Complete Experience
The EL-BADIA C7 Shisha is equipped with a SOFT TOUCH silicone hose, matched to the color of the hookah, providing comfortable grip and easy handling. The aluminum handle and the clay bowl, with its chimney heating system, optimize heat distribution, ensuring efficient tobacco combustion.

Variety of Colors
This hookah is available in a variety of colors to perfectly integrate into any environment or personal preference. Each element is designed to complement both aesthetics and functionality, making the EL-BADIA C7 a distinguished choice for any hookah enthusiast.

Ready to Use and Easy to Operate
Complete and ready to use right out of the box, the EL-BADIA C7 Hookah is ideal for both novices and connoisseurs. Its ease of use, coupled with advanced features, ensures a pleasant and quality smoking session every time.

The EL-BADIA C7 Shisha, with its anodized aluminum body, represents the perfect choice for those seeking a lightweight, durable, and high-performing hookah. Explore the possibilities offered by EL-BADIA and elevate your moments of relaxation to a higher level.

56 cm
Silicone and Handle
Click system
Charcoal Tongs, Column Cut 18/8, Heating System

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Belle chicha

Jonathan L.



Smain A.


Todo bien

Anonymous customer


Il prodotto è valida ma è arrivato leggermente graffiato

Anonymous customer


Très bon produit !! je recommande fortement la el-bafia C7 que ce soit pour un usage quotidien ou non !! petit point négatif sur le foyer en terre cuite, que je trouve dommage car il ne s’allie pas avec la couleur ainsi que le narguilé. Sinon je recommande fortement.

Sofian B.