Brodator 550 Hawk V2 shisha pipe

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The BRODATOR 550 HAWK stainless steel shisha pipe made in Germany

Aboutthe product

BRODATOR is a brand of German shisha pipe known for producing very high quality stainless steel hookahs made in Germany.

The BRODATOR 550 HAWK is a medium-size shisha pipe, at 55cm tall, that is very stable because of its weight (3.6kg) and is super practical thanks to the finish and the quality of the materials used but as well as its wide stem and a notch system diffuser that can be opened or closed depending on whether you prefer a silent shisha pipe or a noisier drag. 

The BRODATOR 550 HAWK shisha pipe is fully detachable, and the finish of this shisha pipe is particularly fine. The BRODATOR 550 HAWK shisha pipe can hold up to 4 hoses by adding additional outlets.

It is a particularly full-featured stainless shisha pipe because it comes with a silicone hose, an aluminium mouthpiece and a terracotta bowl compatible with screen heating systems.

For custom shisha pipe lovers the BRODATOR 550 HAWK has a 18/8 female connector at the top of the stem so you can connect a lot of elements such as molasses catches or glass trays.

This hookah has a 24cm-diameter giant tray with a quirky shape.

The BRODATOR shisha pipe is undoubtedly a PREMIUM shisha pipe par excellence, and is excellent value for money

Features ofthe product
Size55 cm
Bowlspecial with grid
Hosesilicone & aluminum handle
Otherdiffuser included, column cut 18/8 included, silicone hose connector included
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