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Aladin MVP 500 year V2A stainless steel shisha pipe, complete kit, comes with silicone hose, aluminium mouthpiece and shaft kit

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Aboutthe product

The Aladin brand has come up with a shisha pipe that is bigger than its smaller siblings. It is 50cm high, completely made of "V2A" stainless steel, comes with a silicone hose, an aluminium mouthpiece as well as a bowl and a shaft heating screen system, meaning you can set up your complete shisha set in no time at all!

The plunger has a 3-tiered adjustable diffuser so you can change the draw to change how you smoke. You can switch from a smooth, discreet and silent draw, to a more powerful, stronger and noisier draw, and there's also an intermediate draw between the two. In any case, you get maximum sensations.

The thick glass vase with a flared shape, coupled with the fact it holds a lot of water gives you unbeatable stability, so never worry about your hookah falling over again!

You will find an 18/8 cut on the top of the stem. This feature gives you the option of customising your shisha pipe by adding a molasses catcher or other custom parts like glass stems...

Another feature not to be laughed at is that the MVP 500 shisha pipe has a solid grommet on the base. This type of grommet enables you to easily purge port your entire vase, so you get fresh smoke that draws well!

Last but not least, its 4 hose outlets give you the option of smoking on your own or to sharing your hookah with friends...

Features ofthe product
Size50 cm
Bowlspecial with grid
Hosesilicone & aluminum handle
Fixingwith screw system
  • 28 - 06 - 2022
Chicha premium pas chère c’est rare avec autant de produit en un, arriver prête à l’emploi, je recommande fortement si vous avez un budget assez serré mais que vous voulez un belle chicha de qualité
Tino P.
  • 28 - 06 - 2022
Great option Easy maintenance
Ines V.
  • 28 - 06 - 2022
Pris en noir shiny top du top J’adore ! Fini les petites chicha
Anonymous A.
  • 06 - 12 - 2020
Magnifique, que des compliments
Anonymous A.
  • 28 - 06 - 2022
Es genial cumple con todo lo que queria, magnificos materiales a buen precio
Anonymous A.
  • 12 - 12 - 2019
Tres belle chicha quii fume bien je vous le conseille , dommage il y a que 1 adaptateur 18/8 une 2 eme sa serait impeccable
Anonymous A.
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