Chicha Dschinni Junior Color

Dschinni Junior Color shisha pipe

Colors (2)
  • Chicha Dschinni Junior Color GOLDEN PURPLE

  • Chicha Dschinni Junior Color HOLY RAINBOW


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DSCHINNI JUNIOR COLOR shisha pipe, 35cm, stainless steel, with 18/8 stem cut and hose connector

The DSCHINNI JUNIOR colour is a small compact stainless steel shisha pipe. At 35cm, this model is perfect for hasslefree transport. The vase is made of borosilicate glass, and this type of glass is known for its resistance to thermal shocks and scratches and for its sturdiness.

There's an 18/8 cut at the top of the stem so you can add a molasses catcher or any other custom part as well as a closed chamber system so you can efficiently empty your vase when purge porting.

Compact, efficient, robust and quality, the DSCHINNI JUNIOR COLOR shisha pipe is also excellent value for money which makes it a good hookah for both novices and experienced enthusiasts.

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