Chicha Mr.wood S-4 Zeus

MR. WOOD S-4 ZEUS shisha pipe


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MR. WOOD S4 ZEUS shisha pipe, made in Turkey, 45cm high, in stainless steel and exotic wood.

MR. WOOD shisha pipes are all handmade in Turkey, using quality products such as stainless steel and exotic woods specially selected for their resistance to wear. The ZEUS model consists of a vase made of high quality hand-blown crystal glass and a stem made of ebony and stainless steel. Ebony is a very dark black wood from Africa and is known for its strength and hardness.
The MR. WOOD S4 ZEUS shisha pipe has a closed chamber at the base, so you can fully empty out all the smoke that has collected there.It is secured with a thread system and there is a gasket on the base to ensure it is hermetically sealed.
The plunger has a removable diffuser so you can switch from a smooth, silent draw to a more powerful draw.
S4 shisha pipes are the smallest models from the brand and at only 45cm high, they're easy to take anywhere.

The shisha pipe comes without a bowl or hose.

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Good quality hookah, good materiales, good looking, easy to clean.

Anonymous customer