Chicha Nube Unique Gold 24k Black One



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NUBE UNIQUE shisha pipe, 55cm, in AISI 321 stainless steel with a polyacetal body and 24k gold coat.

The NUBE UNIQUE BLACK ONE 24K shisha pipe is made in Russia with high quality materials. Made of AISI 321 stainless steel and polyacetal, a material known for its resistance to impact and heat.
Understated and elegant, the NUBE UNIQUE BLACK ONE shisha pipe stands out from other hookahs thanks to its patented "Cool Down" system which enables you to rotate the purge port and redirect your draw when you purge, so you can either empty out the vase like a standard shisha pipe or just cool down the bowl without emptying the vase. This function means you can cool your bowl down to avoid overheating and more especially stop water getting from your vase to your bowl.
You connect the hose through a quarter turn of the connector the shisha pipe comes with. The shisha pipe itself is inserted into the vase using a seal system.
The shisha pipe comes with a Soft Touch silicone hose and a stainless steel and polyacetal mouthpiece matching your hookah's colours for an understated and luxurious look.

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