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WOOKAH exotic wood shisha pipe, reinforced wooden vase, 64cm high. Comes without a hose or bowl.

WOOKAH is a Polish brand of shisha pipes and accessories. Specialising in the manufacture of wooden products, WOOKAH uses different types of exotic woods for their mouthpieces and shisha pipes. Other accessories include hand-sewn leather-covered silicone hoses, hand-made crystal vases and high-end bowls in a variety of colours.
Hookahs from the WOOKAH range are true gems. Made from the most precious woods, and fully reinforced on the inside with stainless steel, these hookahs are of unrivalled quality.
The WOOKAH NOX CLASSIC CLICK shisha pipe is made entirely of hardwood and very durable. The wood has undergone a specific treatment to achieve very dark colour and a rough surface.
The whole thing is reinforced with stainless steel inside the individual shisha pipe parts. The vase is protected by silicone to avoid contact with water. The manufacture of such a shisha with such precision is a real feat in the world of hookahs.

The WOOKAH NOX CLASSIC CLICK shisha pipe is equipped with the "QUICK LOCK SYSTEM" developed by WOOKAH. This feature means it hermetically seals as well as securely fastening with only a quarter turn.
The hose connector that comes with the shisha pipe and the valve fit seamlessly into the connectors on the bottom of the stem. The metal parts are made of V2A stainless steel. This steel is known for its quality and resistance to oxidation.
The wooden vase shows off the wood grain and the finish on it is extremely high quality. The interior is coated with silicone to protect the wood and ensure it seals perfectly.
WOOKAH shisha pipes are aimed at true narghile enthusiasts and collectors. Each WOOKAH shisha pipe is unique due to the materials used and the way the wood parts are shaped.
Height: 64 cm
This shisha pipe comes with a WOOKAH hose connector. Sold without bowls or hoses.

Quick locking system:

WOOKAH quick lock systemA technical solution so you can quickly and practically fit your WOOKAH shisha pipe body to its WOOKAH vase. You can fit the two parts together in a single, quick motion.

Seamless connections:

WOOKAH ground joint connectionA seamless connection system for the hose outlet and the valve. The WOOKAH hose connector is included.

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