Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge

AEON Edition 4 Lounge shisha pipe

Colors (7)
  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge CLEAR

  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge LAVA

  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge SKY

  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge BLIZZARD

  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge FOX

  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge ECLIPSE

  • Chicha Aeon Edition 4 Lounge FROZEN


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Aeon Edition 4 German shisha pipe, 51cm, stainless steel. Comes without any accessories.

AEON is a German brand manufacturing high quality shisha pipes and accessories. Based in Germany, AEON is a true pioneer in the hookah industry.

The AEON EDITION 4 is a fusion of technology and high quality materials. Entirely crafted from stainless steel and made in Germany, this shisha pipe is impressive for its precision finish, the quality of materials and the performance it delivers.

The AEON EDITION 4 consists of an extremely thick, durable glass vase. It has an unusual shape and has a flat base for a flawless stability. Also, a wide range of colours is available to match your shisha pipe to the rest of your accessories.

The body of the shisha pipe is attached to the vase by a threaded system. After being redesigned by the brand, this shisha pipe can be screwed in a single effortless turn.

The base of the AEON EDITION 4 is a technological gem. This gives you the opportunity to choose your own way of purging simply by screwing or unscrewing the perforated rings inside the base. The purge port is directly incorporated into the base, letting the smoke escape through the connection between the base and the stem.

The plunger hasn't got a diffuser and instead has a M14x1 thread so you can screw in any diffuser with this diameter.
This shisha pipe comes with an 18.8 connector to fit any silicone hose and your favourite mouthpiece.

At 51 cm high, this top-of-the-range model with its clean lines is truly impressive both in terms of its performance and its aesthetics.

The AEON EDITION 4 shisha pipe comes without any accessories.

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Top quality

Anonymous customer


Chicha incroyable, je la trouvai un peu chère mais depuis que je l'ai reçu je ne regrette absolument pas. Qualité de matériaux juste au top, solide, beau, lourd. Le vase est super beau et consomme peu d'eau et donc de colorant =). La purge est magnifique, tout mes amis sont jaloux.

Anonymous customer