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Dschinni Legend shisha pipe, 82cm, in carved wood and anodised aluminium.

Aboutthe product

DSCHINNI is a German brand, specialising in the manufacture of hookahs and accessories.
Famous in France for models such as the FLEX HYBRID and more recently the CLYDE and BONNIE, DSCHINNI has become one of the benchmark brands among professionals and enthusiasts in just a short time.

The DSCHINNI LEGEND shisha pipe is made of multiple high quality materials.
The vase is made of very thick borosilicate glass, giving it great stability and resistance to bumps and knocks. It's also engraved for a more detailed and very elegant look.

The shisha pipe body has a stainless steel tube running through it, for increased resistance to oxidation and wear. The shisha pipe's cover is made of carved cherry wood, giving the DSCHINNI LEGEND a traditional feel. Both the base and the tray are made of anodised aluminium, a wear-durable material.

The DSCHINNI LEGEND's base has a full ring so you can empty out all the smoke that has collected in the vase for a better flavour. Also, the base has 2 holes with a diameter of 14.5, one for purging, the other so you can attach a modern hose connector with a silicone hose, or use a traditional hose like the ADALYA ATH.

The DSCHINNI LEGEND's plunger doesn't have a diffuser, so you get a draw with eddies that is so iconic of traditional shisha pipes.
Keeping with the traditional feel the body of the shisha pipe is fixed to the vase via a sealing system directly incorporated into the base.

This 82 cm high shisha pipe has both a traditional and modern look and is a real gem when it comes to the design.

The DSCHINNI LEGEND shisha pipe comes without accessories.

Features ofthe product
Size82 cm
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Fixingwith rubber
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