Chicha Maklaud Dzen Skull


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Maklaud Dzen F/Skull K shisha pipe, in stainless steel and polyacetal, 55 cm high.

MAKLAUD is a brand of shisha pipes and accessories from Russia. Specialising in the manufacture of high quality products, MAKLAUD shisha pipes are truly exceptional items.

The MAKLAUD DZEN F/SKULL K is a 55 cm shisha pipe, made from stainless steel for good resistance to wear and oxidation. The steel stem is clad with a black polyacetal body that gives it a sophisticated, elegant look while using all of this material's benefits, e.g. it's very sturdy and withstands knocks well.

What makes this shisha pipe so special is the central section which is a superb piece of cast and engraved brass, depicting a skull.

The MAKLAUD DZEN F/SKULL K's plunger is also special because you can lower or raise it by adjusting the plunger's thread in order to change the water level and consequently the draw. The plunger features a diffuser for a smooth draw.

This shisha pipe has a solid base so you can fully empty out the smoke that collects in it. There are two slots for the purge and the hose connector. These two elements are magnetised and connect to the base via a magnet system.

The body of the shisha pipe is attached to the vase via a sealing system.
The MAKLAUD DZEN F/SKULL K shisha pipe comes without accessories.

Height: 55 cm

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