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STEAMULATION PRO CRYSTAL shisha pipe, stainless steel, chased crystal vase, 52cm.

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Aboutthe product

The German brand STEAMULATION is known for its high quality shisha pipes and accessories.
The STEAMULATION PRO CRYSTAL is a v2a stainless steel shisha pipe with a crystal vase, a material renowned for being one of the highest quality glasses. 52 cm high and weighing 4.8 kg, it has plenty of features that will please pretty much everyone.
Firstly, you can control the air flow via the hose connectors simply by turning them a little.
The CRYSTAL version comes with a crystal vase with engraved designs, which gives a touch of authenticity to this shisha pipe masterpiece.
The PRO model is also characterised by its modular plunger so you can change the size of the plunger yourself with a selection of 10 possible sizes, so you're sure to quickly find the draw you prefer most.
The strong point of this shisha pipe is that up to 4 people can smoke without the inconvenience that this often involves. Thanks to the new purge system, all you have to do is push the stem slightly into the base and blow to get rid of any of the unpleasant smoke inside the vase.
Last but not least, the grommet has a patented 360° system so you can rotate the base of your STEAMULATION PRO CRYSTAL without having to move your hookah.
All these features, coupled with the surgical finish and exceptional material quality, mean that the STEAMULATION PRO CRYSTAL shisha pipe is undoubtedly an exceptional hookah.

Features ofthe product
Size52 cm
Baseen cristal
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Fixing360° Steamclick
  • 05 - 03 - 2020
Anonymous A.
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