Chicha Dum Junkie Ss26 Gold

DUM JUNKIE SS26 GOLD shisha pipe


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DUM JUNKIE SS26 shisha pipe: 45 cm, stainless steel, 18.8 cut, 4 outlets, complete with silicone hose and unscrewable aluminium mouthpiece, bowl and shaft style heater, removable diffuser for plunger. 

The DUM JUNKIE SS26 shisha pipe is a 45 cm stainless steel model with a screw-on glass vase. It comes complete with a silicone hose and unscrewable aluminium mouthpiece, a bowl and a shaft-style heating system.

The stem is equipped with an 18.8 cut that makes the top of the stem removable so it can be fitted with a molasses catcher, as well as for hose outlets so several of you can smoke at the same time.

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