Chicha Hawk Hookah

HAWK HOOKAH shisha pipe

Colors (4)
  • Chicha Hawk Hookah TURQUOISE

  • Chicha Hawk Hookah ORANGE

  • Chicha Hawk Hookah BLACK

  • Chicha Hawk Hookah WHITE


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HAWK HOOKAH shisha pipe, 49cm, steel and POM, made in Russia, comes with silicone hose and matching mouthpiece, purge system on top of the tray

The Russian shisha HAWK HOOKAH is a 49cm high hookah, made of stainless steel and POM. It comes with a silicone hose with a mouthpiece matching the colours of the stem.

The special thing about the HAWK HOOKAH shisha pipe is that the purge is positioned on top of the tray, with a double tray system, which creates a spectacular effect when the smoke is released.

Comes without a bowl.


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