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MS BEIRUT shisha pipe, 43cm, comes with silicone hose, carbon mouthpiece, silicone bowl, incorporated diffuser and concealed valve

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Aboutthe product

The MS BEIRUT shisha pipe is 43cm high, well equipped with a silicone hose and a carbon mouthpiece, as well as a silicone bowl. This shisha pipe combines a modern look with an Asian touch. 
The MS BEIRUT shisha pipe has a diffuser, and the purge system is concealed in the base of the stem. The stem also comes with an 18/8 cut connector so you can fit it with a molasses catcher to decorate and customise your shisha.

Features ofthe product
Size43 cm
Hosesilicone & manche en carbon
  • 05 - 10 - 2022
Souhad A.
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