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STEAMULATION CLASSIC PRO X II shisha pipe, stainless steel, crystal vase, 52 cm, Click 360° system, super adjustable

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Aboutthe product

The Swiss-German brand STEAMULATION is undoubtedly the most innovative in the shisha industry. With the PRO range, STEAMULATION has designed models with multiple functions that allow for a multitude of adjustments, ensuring an unparalleled experience for the user.

The STEAMULATION PRO X II is a stainless steel shisha pipe measuring 52 cm in height with 4 hose outlets. It has a clean design and a robust and solid appearance. Mounted on a Bohemian crystal vase, the holder is equipped with the patented CLICK 360° system that allows you to rotate the shisha pipe fully.

Additionally, the STEAMULATION PRO X II has an innovative purge system, with every purge on every hose outlet operating automatically and independently of the others.

As you purge this pipe through the four nozzles located at the top of the base, the smoke is then expelled upwards along the stem of the shisha. A smart system also compensates for excess pressure in the shisha pipe.

The shisha pipe is perfectly sealed through the use of high-performance precision ceramic balls. Ceramic is also extremely resistant to corrosion and wear.

Another optimised feature of the STEAMULATION PRO X II shisha pipe is the airflow control located on each hose outlet, so you can adjust the air flow and draw to suit you.

It has a new optimised height-adjustable downstem whose length you can set to 9 different positions. This also affects the smoothness of the draw.

There's an ingenious diffuser on the downstem, the STEAMULATION COOLING DIFFUSOR, designed to properly cool the steam that passes through.

Last but not least, the STEAMULATION PRO X II can be customised with lots of special STEAMULATION accessories, and you can even mount the shisha pipe on traditional vases, for a whole new realm of possibilities.


Features ofthe product
Size52 cm
Baseen cristal
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
FixingSteamClick 360
Other360° rotation system, column cut 18/8 included, diffuser included
  • 22 - 04 - 2024
chicha excellente
Anonymous A.
  • 22 - 04 - 2024
De las mejores compras que he hecho. Gran sisha, variedad de personalización. Lo único malo que podría decir es que viene sin manguera y que el logo de steamulation es una pegatina y a los 2 días lavándola se despegó.
Anonymous A.
  • 12 - 10 - 2021
Servicio fatal, shisha defectuosa, montada, sin bola de purga, con claros signos de uso, suciedad, desgaste, rayas, entre otras cosas. Ya he acuerdo reclamación correspondiente. Experiencia MUY NEGATIVA, primera y última vez.
Anonymous A.
  • 09 - 09 - 2021
La meilleure chicha ! Rien à dire de plus, du steamulation comme on aime
Anonymous A.
  • 08 - 12 - 2021
Carton de la chicha qui ne convient pas à la grandeur de la chicha et donc encore moins au prix mais chicha est top
Anonymous A.
  • 06 - 03 - 2021
Anonymous A.
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