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CARTEL PABLO GOLD shisha pipe, 50 cm, stainless steel, click system, 18/8 cut, interchangeable stem, adjustable diffuser, 360° purge

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Aboutthe product

The PABLO GOLD shisha pipe from the French brand CARTEL is 50 cm tall and made of stainless steel with a gold finish.
The CARTEL PABLO GOLD shisha pipe boasts many assets, making it an exceptional shisha pipe at a very affordable price for such high quality. First of all, the PABLO shisha pipe can be customised however you want: the stem is interchangeable and the brand offers a range of custom stems.
The CARTEL PABLO GOLD shisha pipe is attached to a thick glass vase by a CLICK fastening system and features a closed chamber.
The stem is interchangeable thanks to the 18/8 cut at the top and the 18/8 connector at the bottom of the stem. You can choose any type of stem, including from CARTEL, and add a molasses catcher, for example.
The tray it comes with has a mirror effect on the top, which is particularly attractive.
The plunger has an adjustable diffuser, allowing you to set the draw between powerful and light.
One of the most ingenious features of the CARTEL PABLO GOLD shisha pipe is the built-in 360° purge, which means that the smoke escapes all around the base for a really impressive effect.

Features ofthe product
Size50 cm
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Tongsnot included
Fixingclick system
Othersilicone hose connector included, column cut 18/8 included, diffuser included
  • 02 - 10 - 2022
Super chicha. Magnifique et unique en son genre. Coupler avec une assiette de la FAME le resultat est parfait.
Anonymous A.
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