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CARTEL HAVANA S Shisha Pipe, 35 cm, STARK bowl, silicone hose and mouthpiece, diffuser, hidden purge and engraved WOLF tray

Aboutthe product

The HAVANA S shisha from the French brand CARTEL is the compact, redesigned version of the famous HAVANA model. The CARTEL HAVANA S is 35 cm tall and has a STARK bowl. It is made of anodised aluminium, and has an interchangeable ball on the stem, a feature borrowed from the HAVANA model, for a unique shisha pipe that can be customised to suit you.

The CARTEL HAVANA S shisha pipe is undoubtedly the best equipped compact shisha pipe on the market. It comes complete with a MINI STARK ceramic bowl compatible with the KALOUD heating system or aluminium foil, a silicone hose with an aluminium mouthpiece, a 3-position adjustable diffuser and, finally, an impressive engraved WOLF bowl.

The downstem has a stop that blocks off the water during your session, to prevent it from flowing back into your hose.

A concealed 360° purge system around the base that directs smoke downward is the perfect finishing touch for this model.

Features ofthe product
Size35 cm
Hosenot included
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