ALADIN EPOX 360 PRO Shisha Pipe

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ALADIN EPOX 360 PRO shisha pipe, 36 cm, stainless steel and epoxy, silicone hose and aluminium mouthpiece, bowl, two epoxy stems and 10 possible purges

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Aboutthe product

The ALADIN EPOX 360 PRO is a compact 36 cm tall shisha pipe made of stainless steel with an epoxy stem insert. The shisha pipe is completely customisable with no less than 10 different ways to purge the smoke, equipped with two epoxy stems.

The ALADIN EPOX 360 PRO shisha pipe is bang on trend, but it is also a very high-quality shisha pipe, complete with a silicone hose fitted with an aluminium mouthpiece, a bowl with a screen system, an adjustable diffuser, a pair of charcoal tongs, and a spring to hold the hose.

Various elements, including a second epoxy stem insert or a second dish under the tray, offer 10 different purging effects!

Features ofthe product
Size36 cm
Bowlspecial with grid
Hosesilicone & aluminum handle
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
Marco P.
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
Nice product with amazing 10 options
Raji A.
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
très belle, la fumée sort dans différentes sorties
Anonymous A.
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