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The WOOKAH NOX WHITE GOLD EDITION shisha pipe, exotic wood with a white finish, crystal vase, 24-carat gold-plated stainless steel parts

Aboutthe product

The WOOKAH NOX WHITE GOLD EDITION shisha pipe is a sophisticated collector's item and a rare gem, full of expert craftsmanship. It is produced only on order for EL-BADIA.
This WOOKAH 64 cm tall shisha pipe is made from a hard, extremely durable wood. The wood has undergone a special treatment to produce this incredible white colour and a textured surface, then reinforced with stainless steel and plated with 24-carat gold.

This WOOKAH NOX WHITE GOLD EDITION hookah is a true masterpiece aimed at an exclusive clientele.

WOOKAH shisha pipes and accessories are produced in Poland.
WOOKAH shisha pipes are aimed at true hookah enthusiasts and collectors. In addition to the many possible combinations of different woods and crystal vases on offer, each WOOKAH shisha pipe is unique because of the materials used and the way the wood is cut for every component.

Please note that the gold plating cannot be guaranteed against wear and tear due to continual use of the shisha pipe, so we advise you to take special care of every gold part of your pipe. The gold tray must not be used in contact with glowing charcoal; there is a second tray for this purpose.

Size = 64 cm
Black exotic wood stem
Stainless steel tray, inner stem and rod
The second tray is not gold plated
24-carat gold plating
OLIVE crystal vase
Black leather hose
NOX WHITE wood and black leather mouthpiece
VORCLAS 02 bowl
Transport case

Features ofthe product
Size64 cm
Baseen cristal
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Tongsnot included
Transportfor storage & transport provided
Fixingclick system
Otherdiffuser included
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