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EL-BADIA M5 & QUASAR RAAS pack, 43 cm shisha pipe made of stainless steel and an insert made of coloured resin. Complete with a QUASAR RAAS thermic head, a flexible silicone hose and a matching stainless steel mouthpiece, as well as a diffuser and a purge concealed under the tray.

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€189 instead of €208.

The EL-BADIA M5 QUASAR RAAS pack includes an EL-BADIA M5 shisha pipe and a QUASAR RAAS thermic head, which makes it the best equipped shisha pipe on the market and excellent value for money, for people who want a decent quality hookah complete with the most popular and practical heating system.

The EL-BADIA M5 shisha pipe, 43 cm, is made of stainless steel and its stainless steel stem and mouthpiece are covered with a coloured resin insert. Every part of this pipe has a particularly striking finish. From a practical point of view, the EL-BADIA M5 shisha pipe is breathtakingly smooth, and features the latest advances such as a hidden purge system on the stem, just below the tray, which creates an incredible purge effect. This shisha pipe comes with a removable diffuser, so you can choose a heavy or light draw to suit your liking.

The EL-BADIA M5 shisha pipe has a glass vase with a tapered design for excellent stability. The vase is attached to the stem with a click rivet system.

With QUASAR RAAS thermic head.

Features ofthe product
Size43 cm
Tongsnot included
Fixingclick system
Othersilicone hose connector included
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
Très belle chicha je l’ai offert en cadeau à mon époux qui est complètement ravie. Elle fume très bien.
Anonymous A.
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
la chicha est plutôt pas mal une vingtaines d’euros de moins serait plus cohérent selon moi mais sinon bonne chicha
Anonymous A.
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
Bonne qualité et finition.
Anonymous A.
  • 06 - 06 - 2022
Parfaite silencieuse j'adore merci
Anonymous A.
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