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KALOUD KRYSALIS CALIX ® LOTUS II Shisha Pipe Bundle: KRYSALIS CALIX ® shisha pipe pack with SAMSARIS VITRA bowl for KRYSALIS ®, KALOUD LOTUS II ®, AEOLIS ® hose and KALOUD KRYSALIS ® bowl adaptor

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Aboutthe product

KALOUD ® is one of the most popular brands in the hookah industry. This American brand really changed things up with its heat management system, the KALOUD LOTUS ®. This heating system has been a real revolution, making it easy to use natural charcoal and taking performance to whole new levels.

Always looking for innovation, the KALOUD ® brand never ceases to surprise with ever more inventive products, with the designer touch that perfectly represents KALOUD.

The KALOUD KRYSALIS CALIX ® is not a hookah, but a chrysalis. The first in the world. It is based on over 500 years of traditional expertise and innovation, emerging as something new and hitherto unknown.

The KALOUD KRYSALIS CALIX LOTUS II Shisha Pipe Bundle® is the general public version of the luxurious KRYSALIS ® shisha pipe: a true work of art that stands out from every other contemporary hookah on the market.

The KRYSALIS CALIX ® receptacle is made of silicone, ultra-tough plastic, aluminium and stainless steel. The notch on the bottom of the vase enables you to attach the KALOUD ® LED system (supplied).

At 17 cm wide and 19 cm tall (without a bowl), the KALOUD CALIX ® shisha pipe is breathtaking for both its dimensions and appearance.

The KALOUD KRYSALIS CALIX LOTUS II Shisha Pipe Bundle® includes:

- a KALOUD KRYSALIS CALIX ® shisha pipe

- a SAMSARIS VITRA bowl for KRYSALIS ® shisha pipes

- a KALOUD LOTUS II ® heat management system

- a KALOUD AEOLIS ® hose

- a KALOUD KRYSALIS ® bowl adaptor so you can attach any variety of female bowl

- the KALOUD ® LED system

Features ofthe product
Size19 cm
OtherLED system included, KALOUD LOTUS II ®
  • 01 - 10 - 2023
Ravis de cette chicha, la sensation lors du tirage est excellente. Facile à nettoyer et fait avec des matériaux de qualité !
Guillaume G.
  • 01 - 10 - 2023
A new way to smoke a shisha. Kaloud is quality itself, but the whole thing is something new, very satisfying in terms of sound, vision and, of course, vapor. Looks and feels sturdy and high quality. Used with tobacco, molasses and crystals is always a pleasure. I strongly recommend!
Carlo C.
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