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STEAMULATION PRO X III shisha pipe, stainless steel, engraved crystal vase, 52 cm, Click 360° system, super adjustable with new features and optimisations

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Aboutthe product

The Swiss-German brand STEAMULATION is undoubtedly the most innovative in the shisha pipe industry. With the PRO range, STEAMULATION has designed models with multiple functions that allow for a multitude of adjustments, ensuring an unparalleled experience for the user.

The STEAMULATION PRO X III is a stainless steel shisha pipe measuring 52 cm in height with 4 hose outlets. It has a clean design and a robust and solid appearance. Mounted on a Bohemian crystal vase, the holder is equipped with the patented CLICK 360° system that allows you to rotate the shisha pipe fully.

Steamulation Purge Pro X III (Optimised!)

The STEAMULATION PRO X III shisha has the world's most advanced purge system for multi-outlet shisha pipes. STEAMULATION Purge Pro valves enable every user to purge easily without removing the balls. The valves on the four hose outlets operate automatically in both directions (sucking and blowing). This smart system can even compensate for overpressure in the shisha pipe and then use the free pipe outlets for purging if necessary. The system has been further optimised and improved compared to the previous generation.

High-Flow Steamulation System (New!)

The STEAMULATION PRO X (Gen.III) shisha has been optimised in terms of draw technology. The flow rate has been increased by 25% compared to the previous model. At the same time, the adjustment range of the STEAMULATION Advanced Airflow Control has been expanded.

Advanced diffuser (new!)

The new Advanced diffuser is based on the popular STEAMULATION Cooling diffuser. A floating ball in the diffuser prevents water from rising up the downstem. On the one hand, this compensates for any overpressure by making it impossible to flood the shisha pipe. The user's experience is also influenced positively, because the swinging movement of the water stem is effectively dampened. After lighting, the draw and suction are instantly appreciable, as there is no need to drain the water from the downstem. This feature is exclusive to STEAMULATION.

X Blow Off + (New!)

With the STEAMULATION Pro X III, the famous X Blow Off is topped off by a disc Blow Off that can be activated or deactivated through being simply rotated. As with the famous X Blow Off before it, the STEAMULATION PRO X III shisha pipe now gives you 31 different purging options.

The X Blow Off + is available as an accessory and can be combined with a sleeve.

Cooling Control Adaptor (New!)

The Cooling Control Adaptor option is a new feature that optionally feeds back part of the air blown into the upper shaft to the bowl. This gives you a more targeted way of cooling the bowl. The air quantity is adjustable and can either be permanently on or off. The Cooling Control Adaptor should be simply inserted between the base and the stem and can be combined with all X Blow Offs and Sleeves. (Note: When the cooling system is in place, the blowing pressure increases slightly. The overpressure function is then triggered earlier. If you don't want this, the overpressure function can be deactivated at the unused smoke connectors by closing the AirFlow-Control).

The Cooling Control Adaptor is available as an accessory.

Steamulation AirFlow Control (Optimised!)

The STEAMULATION PRO X III shisha pipe enables users to individually adjust the draw at each pipe outlet using the STEAMULATION Airflow Control so that they can set it between heavy and light, based on what they prefer most. Compared to the previous model, the maximum draw has been increased and the hose outlets have been adapted to repel any water rising directly into the base. The outlets can also now be closed completely to deactivate the overpressure function.

Features ofthe product
Size52 cm
Baseen cristal
Hosenot included
Tongsnot included
Other360° rotation system, column cut 18/8 included, diffuser included
  • 21 - 05 - 2024
Je m’attendais à mieu vu le prix tirage lourd et la purge c’est dur à si faire
Gianni P.
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