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STEAMULATION stainless steel end cap

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STEAMULATION steel hygienic tip

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Known for its luxurious and sensational quality shisha pipes, the STEAMULATION brand impresses again with a hygienic mouthpiece made of V2A steel this time.

The point of this accessory is either to be able to smoke on your friends' shisha pipes hygienically, or to use it in hookah lounges using hygienic plastic tips or quite simply add an extra dimension to your hookah sessions by using a luxurious and practical accessory.

This hygienic mouthpiece has a silver chain so that it can be worn around the neck discreetly... To use it, you just need to wrap the chain around the STEAMULATION logo located in the middle of the hygienic tip. You can also dispense with this chain and simply insert it into your mouthpiece.
Its 0.7mm connector features a small piece of silicone for a watertight seal and reliable stability for your mouthpiece.
Tip: remember to measure the diameter of the hole on your mouthpiece to make sure that your STEAMULATION mouthpiece will fit onto your favourite mouthpiece.

  • 03 - 12 - 2023
Beau et efficace
Anonymous A.
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