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HOOKY CLASSIC: Modern, ergonomic and efficient.

12 reviews
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Aboutthe product

The HOOKY brand is now a real benchmark when it comes to electronic shisha pipes. The HOOKY CLASSIC is the epitome of portable electronic shisha pipes, being efficient and with an understated and luxurious design. Much over simply an electronic shisha pipe, the HOOKY CLASSIC is now a must-have fashion accessory, and is both discreet when you travel and remarkable for its design.

With a length of 17 cm and a weight of 500g, the HOOKY CLASSIC is made of stainless steel with a white lacquered body that looks absolutely stunning.
Because it's so small, it can be easily carried in a bag, a pocket, a satchel, etc.

The HOOKY CLASSIC is bound to thrill you with a smooth draw enabling you to produce big clouds of smoke while enjoying a soft and sweet flavour. Also, thanks to its 1300 mA/h battery, you can enjoy your HOOKY CLASSIC for a long time before recharging it because of its substantial battery life.

The HOOKY CLASSIC is now equipped with the same head as the HOOKY SLIM and the HOOKY ROYAL, so compatibility between these models is effortless.
The HOOKY CLASSIC has a pressure sensor system. There isn't a button on this e-shisha pipe, instead when you decide to take a puff, the HOOKY CLASSIC electronic shisha pipe detects that you are breathing in and works automatically.

Finally, the little extra that makes all the difference is that the HOOKY CLASSIC now has a white LED incorporated into its logo. This will light up when you breathe in and also during charging.

Features of the HOOKY CLASSIC:

  • Dimensions h 172 mm/Ø 28 mm

  • Weight 500 g

  • Body materials: Stainless steel

  • Head capacity 3ml

  • Special sparkplug - 0.7 Ohm in aludirome

  • Japanese Cotton

  • Consumption: ≈ 10 mL/380 puffs

  • Battery type: 18650 IMR Li-ion battery

  • Capacity/Nominal Voltage: 1300 mAh/3.7V

  • Battery: Approx. 250-300 puffs

  • Packaging Black matte cardboard box

Contents of the HOOKY CLASSIC box:

  • Electronic HOOKY CLASSIC shisha pipe

  • A head

  • A hygienic mouthpiece

  • A micro USB charger

  • A French-English user guide

Warning: To use Hooky cartridges with a device purchased before March 2021, you must add a Hooky cartridge cap sold separately

  • 12 - 10 - 2020
Il ne fonctionne pas bien Il ne fonctionne que une fois sur 10. Lorsqu'on inspire rien ne sort et c'est souvent le même schéma
Ll F.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Elle est assez grande, mes bon produit
Marion P.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Conforme au descriptif.
Laurent A.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Parfait pour une chicha à transporter
Anonymous A.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Produit très agréable, utilisation pratique, je valide.
Anonymous A.
  • 05 - 01 - 2020
Très bien, dès qu’on a compris le fonctionnement. Je mets 4 étoiles parce que le seul soucis pour ma part, c’est qu’il faut trop tirer dessus, plus que la vrai chicha, pour avoir une vrai fumé mais sinon elle fonctionne très bien et on sent vraiment bien le goût.
Anonymous A.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Je ne suis pas satisfait à 100% du produit. Le liquide se consomme trop rapidement et le goût en bouche est moyen.
Anonymous A.
  • 04 - 04 - 2020
Pratique, l’utilisation est compliqué au début car on a tendance à tirer comme si on fumait une chicha. Après une semaine d’utilisation et en essayant plein de technique pour que le liquide ne remonte pas ils remontent quand même. Dommage à ce prix là.
Anonymous A.
  • 04 - 04 - 2020
Excellent produit, je recommande la fumée est propre.
Anonymous A.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Bonne fummer
Anonymous A.
  • 09 - 09 - 2019
j'ai pas reçu
Anonymous A.
  • 21 - 01 - 2022
Remonter de liquide
Anonymous A.
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