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The FUMO ® POD XL hookah, laboratory grade glass, 80cm, 64cm stainless steel tripod

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Aboutthe product

The FUMO ® POD XL hookah takes the design of traditional hookahs, to the extent that it is made of glass. The glass used is a Schott high quality laboratory grade glass with a 7mm thickness. FUMO ® uses only food-grade materials for its products so that users experience an incredible smoking session and get the best flavors possible. Moreover, no grommet is needed with FUMO ® hookahs and as you might have noticed, all products from the brand are designed to last, to be functional, and easy to use. 

The FUMO ® POD XL hookah can be used with 2 hoses. 

The FUMO ® POD XL hookah measures 80cm. 

The set includes: 

• FUMO ® POD XL base
• FUMO ® hose (170cm) with glass tips and connector
• FUMO ® stainless steel tripod (64cm)
• FUMO ® XL bowl and downstem
• FUMO ® plug

Features ofthe product
Size85 cm
BowlGlass FUMO XL
Hosesilicone & glass handle
Tongsnot included
Otherdiffuser included, tripod included
  • 29 - 02 - 2024
Anonymous A.
  • 29 - 02 - 2024
Lemrabet H.
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