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The WOOKAH GROM PADOUK mouthpiece made of exotic wood is reinforced with a stainless steel tube.

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WOOKAH is a Polish brand of shisha pipes and accessories. Specialising in the manufacture of wooden products, WOOKAH uses different types of exotic woods for their mouthpieces and shisha pipes. Other accessories include hand-sewn leather-covered silicone hoses, hand-made crystal vases and high-end bowls in a variety of colours.
Hookahs and accessories from the WOOKAH range are true gems.

The WOOKAH GROM PADOUK mouthpiece is made from padouk, a very durable tropical wood. It is reinforced with steel so it's even more sturdy and easy to clean.
The patterns on the wood are produced using electrolytic engraving, making each mouthpiece unique.
The mouthpiece comes without a hose.

Mouthpiece length = 28cm

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