El-Badia 320° 27mm coal CUBES 2Kg

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El-Badia 320° 27mm coal CUBES 2Kg, premium natural coal for Dragon, Brohood and Volkan heaters

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Today natural coal made from coconut bark has become the benchmark product in the world of shisha pipes. In fact, these coals have the advantage of being especially compressed which means they burn for a long time without altering the taste of the shisha pipe. Today there are a large number of brands and types of coconut coal on the market, the best known being COCOCHA, BLACKCOCO and COCOBRICO. And this means it is available in varying degrees of quality.

With its 320° natural coal, EL-BADIA has been able to meet the highest quality requirements by giving you a coal made from the best raw materials. 320° coal gives you optimal, long-lasting, odour-free heating, with very low ash production. This is the ideal recipe for a truly premium coal that will satisfy the most demanding of users. As for why it is called 320°? Well, this is the optimum heating temperature of coconut-based natural coal.

El-Badia 320° 27mm coal CUBES come in the form of cubes with 27mm sides.
This coal is particularly powerful because of its size and heats up more than smaller, standard coal, and has a longer burn time.

El-Badia 320° 27mm coal CUBES are perfectly adapted to Dragon, Brohood, Badcha, Volkan HMD.

El-Badia 320° 27mm coal CUBES 2Kg come in a 2kg box of 108 pieces.

  • 23 - 04 - 2024
s'allume difficilement
Jamel A.
› Comment from El Badia the 24/10/2023

Bonjour Jamel, Nous vous remercions d'avoir pris le temps d'exprimer votre opinion. Nous regrettons que vous n'ayez pas pris la peine de contacter notre service client qui est là pour vous aider et vous apporter une solution dans les meilleurs délais. Les charbons doivent être conservés dans un endroit sec et à l'abri de l'humidité et ils doivent être allumés à l'aide d'un allume charbon électrique afin d'obtenir un allumage rapide. Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire. Bien cordialement. L'équipe El-Badia

  • 09 - 05 - 2023
Yassin S.
  • 23 - 04 - 2024
Top charbon. Durée plus longue que le 26mm. Dommage qu'il soit pas en carton 4 kg
Hassen L.
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