ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor

ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor

Colors (8)
  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor APOLLO

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor COSMOS

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor LUNA

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor NEBULA

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor NOVA

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor POLARIS

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor PROXIMA

  • ZODIAC 200g Shisha Flavor STELLAR

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Introducing the ZODIAC shisha flavor in a 200g format, completely tobacco and nicotine-free. This molasses blend is crafted from tea leaves, rose petals, and plant fibers, perfectly mimicking the texture and sensation of traditional shisha tobacco.

Created by the makers of the renowned shisha flavor brand, Zodiac presents an entirely new line of tobacco-free shisha flavors. Designed for a soothing and relaxing experience, Zodiac currently offers a selection of six captivating flavors that will transport you to an unparalleled realm.

APOLLO - Enter a realm of serenity as you savor the refreshing blend of strawberry, blueberries, and black grapes. A harmonious symphony of flavors.

STELLAR - A succulent combination of grapes and mint.

LUNA - A lively and refreshing blend of gum and mint that offers a joyful connection to the world around you.

PROXIMA - Embark on a true journey with this fruity combination of iced strawberry, raspberry, and peach tea.

NEBULA - Experience the tropics with vibrant mango and passion fruit flavors, enhanced by a frosty effect that will transport you to a state of pure pleasure.

NOVA - Enjoy the refreshing taste of ripe and succulent black grapes, culminating in a frosty aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Continuing its tradition of excellence in flavor composition, the Al Fakher Factory in the United Arab Emirates produces Zodiac by combining high-quality molasses with innovative and irresistible flavor combinations. The meticulously crafted range is available in a convenient 50g pocket-sized format for two sessions, a 200g format for larger gatherings, and a discovery pack containing all six flavors in 20g portions, perfect for a single session.

Zodiac stands out for its use of tea-based molasses, ensuring a nicotine-free experience that is both serene and refreshing.

This range has been acclaimed by thousands of shisha enthusiasts (the "Zodiac" test conducted in France with over 7,000 adult consumers; study conducted by El-Badia in February 2023) as well as by some of the most prominent Shishamasters in Paris.

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agréable a fumé chaque jours

Kevin P.


C'est pas du adalya mais c correct

Anthony B.



Alex C.


Franchement très bon goût on ressent très bien le goût et pour le prix c’est très bien

Anonymous customer


Bon goût

Benjamin C.