Founded in 1991, El-Badia became famous for being the leader on the French hookah market.

Today, we supply most hookah lounges in France with quality products and many accessories. Find all product lines and brands on our website, discover all our exclusive products and get the best prices to buy the hookah that suits you best.

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Hookah and Chicha : The choice of quality

Because our company is the leader on the French market, we have a wide range of hookahs: with more than 100 references, we will have something for you. From cheap mini hookahs, to more sophisticated glass hookahs, a guarantee of new sensations and elegance, our website allows you to choose the product that suits you best. You will thus be able to buy a cheap hookah for less than 50€ or more luxurious hookahs if you’re more demanding.

El-Badia is not only a wide range of products, it’s also quality products. Our strict product selection process, which made us famous among the French community, allows us to offer you the best and only the best. We thus work with the most reliable brands in the world such as MYA, FUMO, Narguilem, or even Unity, in order to guarantee your satisfaction when purchasing a hookah with us. The El-Badia guarantee is finding a quality hookah at the best price.