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  • -40%
    EL-BADIA M5 Shisha Pipe

    EL-BADIA M5 shisha pipe, 43 cm, in stainless steel with a coloured resin insert. Complete with a silicone hose and matching stainless steel mouthpiece, as well as a diffuser and a purge concealed under the tray.

    139,00 € -40% 83,40 €
  • Wd Hookah : Hookah & Shisha Accessories
    WD P1 DELI shisha pipe

    WD P1 DELI shisha pipe, 38cm, made of V2A stainless steel and polyacetal, glass vase fixed to the stem with a sealing system, removable diffuser.

    109,00 €
  • Oduman : Hookah with Led
    Chicha Oduman Probubble

    129,00 €
  • -30%
    CELESTE X3 CLICK shisha pipe

    CELESTE X3 shisha pipe, 36cm, with glass vase and CLICK connection

    49,00 € -30% 34,30 €
  • Aeon Hookah : German Hookah & High Quality
    VYRO ONE V2 shisha pipe

    VYRO ONE V2 shisha pipe by the brand AEON a durable, transportable shisha pipe pipe made of carbon and stainless steel, 16cm high.

    69,00 €
  • Embery : Modern Hookah & Shisha Accessories

    EMBERY MINI MONO FLIP BLACK shisha pipe, stainless steel and polyacetal (POM), 35 cm, complete with 6 types of adjustable purges, silicone hose and mouthpiece

    145,00 €
    ALPHA HOOKAH X shisha pipe

    ALPHA HOOKAH X shisha pipe, 49cm, made in Russia, anodised aluminium and stainless steel, removable diffuser, silicone hose and matching mouthpiece

    219,00 €
  • Maklaud : Hookah & Shisha Accessories
    Chicha Maklaud X Skall

    499,00 €


Because our store is the French market leader, we have an extremely wide range of shisha pipes to choose from – with several hundred different models, we have something to suit everyone. From cheaper, easy-to-carry mini shisha pipes to the latest glass models, designed for a totally new sensation and an elegant appearance, our online store is perfect for choosing just the hookah you're looking for. You can get a cheap hookah with various models selling for under €50 or a luxury shisha pipe if you're looking for the most high-end features.

But El-Badia is not just about choice, it's also about quality. Our product selection, which has built us an amazing reputation with both the general public and professionals, enables us to offer you the very best, including shisha pipes that are bang on trend, premium charcoal, the best-tasting shisha pipe flavours, all the accessories, the latest heating systems, the most efficient electronic shisha pipes, and all kinds of bowls and hoses. We work with the most reliable brands in the sector such as QUASAR, KALOUD, WOOKAH, STEAMULATION, HOOKY, 320°, and CLOUD ONE, so we can ensure total satisfaction when it comes to using your shisha pipe. The El-Badia guarantee therefore means finding a quality shisha pipe at the fairest price.