El-Badia presents the transportable E-Hookah, the E-Cig electronic cigarette, and Starbuzz E-Hose product lines to vape. Find the flavors of the greatest brands! Our online shop introduces you the best hookah pens and flavors from premium brands as Hooky, Starbuzz, or Hookafina. Find out a new way to experience shisha with a quality hookah pen available on sale in our catalog.

The best Hookah Pen selection by El Badia

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Especially popular with hookah enthusiasts, the shisha pen has convinced many people with its great practicality and grip in the most enjoyable. With a pocket size with a certain charm, the shisha pen allows you to savor your favorite perfumes wherever you are in ideal conditions: a pleasure tenfold during long puffs.

El Badia presents a selection of shisha electronic pens (non disposable) at all prices that will allow you to discover or rediscover all the advantages of this famous innovation! You will find necessarily the design that you like for the buy of your shisha pen. For each of them, we are committed to guaranteeing you quality and reliability for long vaping sessions.
Fans of big smoke will not be out of place : electronic shisha pens can create thick clouds of steam!