Chicha Doosha Frankie Limited Edition

DOOSHA FRANKIE Limited Edition shisha pipe


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DOOSHA FRANKIE LIMITED EDITION shisha pipe, made in Russia, steel and polyacetal, 52cm. EDITION 425/500

The DOOSHA FRANKIE LIMITED EDITION shisha pipe is a model made in Russia with high quality materials such as stainless steel and polyacetal, a thermoplastic known for its wear resistance.
At 52 cm high, this shisha pipe has a purge on the top of the base and the smoke is expelled along the stem. The hose connector that comes with the shisha pipe is magnetised so it seals perfectly. The shisha pipe is fixed to the vase by a sealing system, so you can change the vase if you wish.
Only 500 units of the DOOSHA FRANKIE LIMITED EDITION shisha pipe were made, which makes it a very rare model.
This shisha pipe comes with a stainless steel mouthpiece and a black SoftTouch silicone hose. Bowl not included.

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