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Hooligan Hookah Russian shisha pipe, 40cm, stainless steel and polyacetal

Aboutthe product

HOOLIGAN HOOKAH is a Russian brand of shisha pipe. Although they're a new brand, they immediately entered the big leagues by creating a high quality shisha pipe with a hitherto unseen look.
The packaging has been very well designed by the brand, and when you open it, you discover what looks like a genuine, big, heavy baseball bat. It's very well finished so it looks like a real bat. You will have to disassemble the 2 pieces at the ends of this bat before you can use it.

The stem of the HOOLIGAN HOOKAH shisha pipe is shaped like a real baseball bat. Made from stainless steel, this extremely sturdy shisha pipe is impressive both in size and performance.
The HOOLIGAN HOOKAH's purge port is hidden at the base of the stem. This purge valve looks very quirky but is also very efficient and effective.
The HOLLIGAN HOOKAH's stem is attached to the vase by a gasket system, so you can change the vase easily any time you like.
The plunger doesn't have a diffuser, and with the small diameter you obtain a smooth draw but with eddies.

The HOOLIGAN HOOKAH shisha pipe comes with a silicone hose, a steel mouthpiece, a gasket kit and a spring, for a very complete package.

Size: 50cm
Weight: 3 kilos

Features ofthe product
Size40 cm
Bowlnot included
Hosesilicone & manche en acier
Tongsnot included
Fixingwith rubber
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