HOOKAH JOHN 80feet ZOMO Edition bowl

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Bowl produced in collaboration with HookahJohn and Zomo, designed for aluminium foil and the Provost heating system.

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Aboutthe product

The HOOKAHJOHN ZOMO 80FT bowl is the result of a collaboration between two American brands that are very famous in the shisha world. HookahJohn is a manufacturer of hookah and accessories, especially known for its HOOKAHJOHN FERRIS, HOOKAHJOHN TRIMONY and HOOKAHJOHN HARMONY bowls. ZOMO, the brand from Brazil, is renowned worldwide for its high quality molasses. The Brazilian brand also produces hookahs and numerous accessories.

The bowl resulting from the collaboration between these two brands is a fushion of quality products. In fact, the clay used for the design of this bowl is specifically chosen for its heat retention qualities. The result is a bowl that spreads the heat evenly, so you can experience the full flavour of your molasses and consume them completely.

The glaze will protect your bowl so the clay isn't damaged and this high quality glaze can be also be cleaned very easily with water.

The HOOKAHJOHN ZOMO 80FT bowl is designed to be used with aluminium foil with or without an AOT PROVOST heating system.

This small bowl with a capacity of about 15 grams has a fairly narrow phunnel. This phunnel coupled with the bowl's high performance really faithfully conveys the flavour.

A wide choice of quirky colours is available for the HOOKAHJOHN 80FT bowl.

Weight: 150 grams
Content: Around 15 grams
Height: 10cm
Bowl diameter: 6.5 cm.

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  • 10 - 07 - 2019
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