Foyer Kolos Mita


Colors (10)
  • Foyer Kolos Mita TURQUOISE

  • Foyer Kolos Mita ORANGE

  • Foyer Kolos Mita FOREST

  • Foyer Kolos Mita LAVA

  • Foyer Kolos Mita PINK

  • Foyer Kolos Mita PURPLE

  • Foyer Kolos Mita MULTI COLOR

  • Foyer Kolos Mita BEIGE TURQUOISE

  • Foyer Kolos Mita GREEN MATE

  • Foyer Kolos Mita AMAZON

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KOLOS MITA bowl, Russian brand available in multiple colours, white clay bowl with 5 holes, small capacity

KOLOS MITA bowl, from the Russian brand KOLOS TANG, made of white clay and partly enamelled. This is a small-capacity bowl with 5 holes that holds about 10 g, ideal for use with aluminium foil sheets or the provost system.
The KOLOS MITA bowl is thick, which helps it retain heat.

Height: 7 cm
Width: 7 cm

Please note: since it is hand painted and hand glazed, no two bowls will be alike; the photos are not binding and colours may vary from these photos.


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