Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel

ADALYA ATH L-STEEL shisha pipe

Colors (6)
  • Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel DORA - ONIKS (GREY)

  • Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel DORA - PAK (CLEAR)

  • Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel DORA - SAFIR (DARK B

  • Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel DORA - YAKUT (RED)

  • Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel DORA - ZUMRUT (AQUA)

  • Chicha Adalya Ath L-steel RANA - PAK (CLEAR)


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ADALYA ATH L-STEEL shisha pipe, 55cm high, in stainless steel, crystal vase. Hose and Bowl not included.

The Turkish brand ADALYA has become one of the most famous tobacco brands in the world in a very short time. With a lot of experience in the world of hookahs, this Turkish company now sells shisha pipes branded as ATH.

The ADALYA ATH L-STEEL shisha pipe is made entirely from high quality stainless steel. The vase is hand-blown by a renowned glass manufacturer, for an unparalleled precision finish. The grommet on the vase has a thread system, and the stem and vase screw together.

The plunger has an unscrewing diffuser so you can switch from a smooth, quiet draw to a more powerful draw with eddies if you prefer.
The purge is concealed inside the base, giving a more understated and designer look. The 14/5 diameter hose connector connects seamlessly, so you can fit any kind of silicone hose.

The stem is made of high quality stainless steel, for extra robustness and strength. An aluminium mouthpiece in the same shape as the stem comes with this shisha pipe.

Silicone hose and Bowl not included. Hose connector and aluminium mouthpiece included.

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