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Traditional Turkish ATH ADALYA shisha pipe, brass and stainless steel, 55 cm high, handmade crystal vase. Bowl and hose not included, 14/5 hose connector included.

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Aboutthe product

ADALYA is a Turkish brand known worldwide for its tobacco. With famous flavours such as LOVE 66, HAWAII or SWISS BONBON, ADALYA has become a pioneer brand in the hookah industry.

T-BRASS shisha pipes from ATH ADALYA are real gems that stand out for their excellence. Entirely made in Turkey, with a height of 55 cm, they make a very luxurious and elegant impression, combining the look of a traditional hookah with the quality and finish of a modern shisha pipe.

Its bohemian crystal vase is very high quality, the patterns are handmade and feature 24 carat gold, reinforcing the luxurious side of this hookah. The grommet on the vase has a seal and a screw thread, and the whole thing screws together, with a gasket for a perfectly hermetic seal.

The high quality brass stem is ideal if you want to smoke a single flavour. Brass is made of copper, so your stem is impregnated with the flavour, unlike stainless steel, which doesn't retain odours.
However, the ADALYA T-BRASS shisha pipe comes with a stainless steel tube that you place in the stem. This means you can smoke several different flavours without your stem getting impregnated with the different tobacco types.

The plunger has a removable diffuser so you can switch from powerful traditional draw to a smoother, quiet draw.

The ADALYA T-BRASS shisha pipe comes without a pipe or a bowl. A 14/5 connector and a certificate of authenticity are included.

Features ofthe product
Size55 cm
Baseen cristal
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Fixingwith screw system
Otherdiffuser included
  • 29 - 02 - 2024
Pas la même couleur
Anonymous A.
  • 29 - 02 - 2024
Tres jolie
Anonymous A.
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