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EMBERY MINI MONO FLIP BLACK shisha pipe, stainless steel and polyacetal (POM), 35 cm, complete with 6 types of adjustable purges, silicone hose and mouthpiece

Aboutthe product

The EMBERY MINI MONO FLIP BLACK shisha pipe is a compact shisha pipe manufactured in Ukraine by the brand EMBERY. It measures 35 cm and includes a silicone hose and a metal mouthpiece.

The FLIP version has a kit to set up 6 different types of purges. This means you can control the direction of the smoke when purging to make your sessions extra fun.

The EMBERY MINI MONO FLIP BLACK shisha pipe is made of stainless steel and polyacetal (POM), a very fashionable thermoplastic material characterised by its high strength and stiffness.

EMBERY is not just a brand of shisha pipe or a manufacturer; it's a true design studio, dedicated to design and innovation in the shisha sector. A veritable modern art studio, this Ukrainian company designs shisha pipes and accessories with innovative and contemporary designs according to a common goal: overhauling the traditional appearance of hookahs to stay in step with the times, using innovative combinations of materials and techniques, without losing sight of the products' functionality.

EMBERY are really committed to developing shisha pipes and making improvements to excite even the most discerning enthusiasts.

Bowl not included

Features ofthe product
Size35 cm
Bowlnot included
HoseSilicone & manche
Fixingwith rubber
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