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WOOKAH GROM WENGE CLICK exotic wood WENGE shisha pipe from GROM, high quality crystal vase, 64 cm high. Comes without a hose or bowl.

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Aboutthe product

WOOKAH is a Polish brand of shisha pipes and accessories. Specialising in the manufacture of wooden products, WOOKAH uses different types of exotic woods for their mouthpieces and shisha pipes. Other accessories include hand-sewn leather-covered silicone hoses, hand-made crystal vases and high-end bowls in a variety of colours.
Hookahs from the WOOKAH range are true gems. Made from the most precious woods and fully reinforced on the inside with stainless steel, the quality of these hookahs is unparalleled.
The word "Grom" means "thunder" in Polish, referring to the shapes engraved in the wooden body and vase. They are produced using a specialised process. Each WOOKAH GROM WENGE shisha pipe is handmade and unique.
The WOOKAH GROM WENGE CLICK shisha pipe has a CLICK fastening system called the "QUICK LOCK SYSTEM" developed by WOOKAH. This feature means it hermetically seals and securely fastens with only a quarter turn.
The hose connector that comes with the shisha pipe and the valve fit seamlessly into the connectors on the bottom of the stem. The metal parts are made of V2A stainless steel. This steel is known for its quality and resistance to oxidation.
The crystal vase is very high quality and looks stunning.
WOOKAH shisha pipes are aimed at true hookah enthusiasts and collectors. Each WOOKAH shisha pipe is unique due to the materials used and the way the wood parts are shaped.
Height: 64 cm
This shisha pipe comes with a WOOKAH hose connector. Sold without a bowl or hose.

Quick locking system:

WOOKAH quick lock systemA technical solution to quickly and practically fit your WOOKAH shisha pipe body to its WOOKAH vase. You can fit the two parts together in a single, quick motion.

Seamless connections:

WOOKAH ground joint connectionA seamless connection system for the hose outlet and the valve. The WOOKAH hose connector is included.

Features ofthe product
Size64 cm
Baseen cristal
Bowlnot included
Hosenot included
Tongsnot included
Fixingclick system
  • 02 - 04 - 2023
Incroyable la wookah, exceptionnelle la finition
Mary R.
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