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The Hooky Steel X Orlinski is a true technological and design masterpiece. Every detail has been carefully studied to offer an unforgettable hookah experience.

Aboutthe product

The collaboration between Hooky brand and artist Richard Orlinski has resulted in a unique and one-of-a-kind object. Orlinski's characteristic facets and red color have been precisely applied to the Hooky Steel to offer an exceptional look. The quality of the manufacturing is also remarkable, with parts made of V2A stainless steel meticulously polished to give them a brilliant appearance.

But the Hooky Steel X Orlinski is not just a beautiful object. It also has remarkable technical properties. The use of stainless steel offers increased robustness and great resistance to corrosion. Moreover, stainless steel does not retain odors, which allows for impeccable hygiene.

The hookah is equipped with a molasses collector integrated under the plate. This feature is particularly appreciated by shisha enthusiasts because it allows for easy collection and recovery of molasses. The glue-free design, with tight assembly and laser welding, ensures considerable durability. The wide and accessible vase facilitates cleaning and filling, while an engraved mark inside helps maintain an optimal water level.

The hookah is equipped with two plungers, allowing for different experiences according to each person's preferences. The "light" plunger offers a modern and enjoyable draw, while the "heavy" plunger provides a more intense traditional experience.

Finally, the Hooky Steel X Orlinski is equipped with a tripod that ensures great stability and perfect balance. The silicone-covered ring and isostatic foot system guarantee optimal safety.

Overall, the Hooky Steel X Orlinski is a true masterpiece of technology and design. It offers an exceptional hookah experience thanks to its remarkable technical properties and impeccable manufacturing quality. With its unique aesthetics and innovative design, it is a must-have for all exclusive shisha enthusiasts.

Features ofthe product
Size52 cm
Baseacier inoxidable
Bowlnot included
Otherdiffuser included
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