Pack voyage El-Badia Celeste

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CELESTE ®, the iconic shisha since 2006, designed by EL-BADIA, 45 cm, acrylic vase, phunnel bowl, silicone hose and matching handle.

Introducing the ZODIAC shisha flavor in a 50g format, completely tobacco and nicotine-free. This molasses blend is crafted from tea leaves, rose petals, and plant fibers, perfectly mimicking the texture and sensation of traditional shisha tobacco.

Storage case for shisha pipes, size 200 x 180 x 370mm

NEO charcoals 72 cubes by Three Kings : quick-igniting natural charcoal

Combined Heat Management Device (HMD) EL-BADIA ARC V3 : Powerful heat regulation system for hookah, can contain 3 cubes of 26mm, combines the longevity of a closed system with the heating intensity of a chimney system