NEO charcoals 72 cubes by Three Kings
NEO charcoals 72 cubes by Three Kings
NEO charcoals 72 cubes by Three Kings

NEO charcoals 72 cubes by Three Kings


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NEO charcoals 72 cubes by Three Kings : quick-igniting natural charcoal

NEO is made in the Netherlands by the famous Three Kings house. Possessing unique know-how in the world of self-igniting charcoal and enjoying a worldwide reputation in terms of quality and reliability.

NEO by Three Kings is unique product that meets the requirements of users of natural charcoal while solving the problems associated with the use of such charcoal.

NEO is made with carefully chosen raw materials coming exclusively from protected and sustainable forests. Particular care is taken to ensure the stability of the supply and control of raw materials in order to avoid any risk of fluctuation in quality. The process and the manufacturing chain are also subject to permanent and rigorous verification in order to guarantee a finished product of optimal and stable quality.

Each piece of NEO is impregnated with an igniting agent whose function is to ignite it instantly. As the micro-sparks disappear in a few seconds, the igniting agent completely evaporates and gives way to an incandescent natural charcoal. Once alight, NEO gives off no smell or smoke and burns steadily and evenly. It has no impact on the taste, does not disintegrate and slowly turns into ash while retaining its original form. Its slow combustion offers a maximum duration of use whatever it may be.

Unlike traditional natural charcoal, whose structure is extremely dense and compact, making it almost impermeable to air and therefore to oxygen, NEO benefits from a lighter structure allowing the charcoal to be aerated from the inside. The reduction in structural density allows oxygen to flow through the interior of the charcoal thereby increasing its combustibility and reducing the natural phenomenon of ash smothering. It also makes it possible to obtain a balanced and homogeneous heating strong enough for an optimal use nevertheless moderate to avoid unnecessarily consuming the taste. NEO not only avoids the unpleasant taste of burning but also extends the duration of the session by reviving charcoal.

The box of NEO coals contains 72 cubes

Store in a dry place at room temperature.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Protect from water and humidity.
Do not touch during or after use.
Use water to extinguish after use to eliminate any risk of accident.
Close the box well after opening to preserve all the freshness of the charcoal.
Inedible product.
Use tongs to light, do not hold in hand.
Never leave unattended during use.
Make sure after use that the charcoal is completely extinguished and no longer gives off any heat.
Keep away from fire and any source of heat.

20 mm
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