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Welcome to our dedicated shisha flavours category, where we've carefully selected the best products from leading brands such as Cloud One, Zodiac and HookahSqueeze. Whether you're an experienced hookah enthusiast or a curious novice, our wide range of flavours promises an exceptional experience at every session.

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⭐️ Shisha flavour: the pleasure of hookah without tobacco

Increasingly popular, this tobacco-free shisha technique lets you enjoy all your favourite flavours. Whether you're just looking for pleasant flavours in shisha, or simply want to reduce your tobacco consumption, the granulated or powdered shisha flavour is the perfect solution. This clever method is actually very simple: shisha flavour is made up of minerals or small stones that are naturally very porous. They therefore absorb liquid very easily, which contains all the flavourings.

When heated by charcoal, the shisha flavour releases this liquid, which evaporates, creating not smoke but vapour. This vapour is then sucked up normally, giving you the same sensations as with traditional shisha tobacco. With quality products, such as the highly acclaimed Starbuzz shisha flavour, El-Badia lets you retain all the aromas of hookah, with its smooth, intense vapour, without having to use tobacco.

⭐️ Advantages over shisha tobacco

As mentioned above, shisha tobacco is only available from tobacconists. What's more, it's important to know that buying cheap shisha tobacco on the internet from abroad is also illegal. While it's not difficult to buy shisha tobacco in France, hookah flavour is more affordable because it's available on the internet, and often cheaper.

The other main advantage of shisha flavour is of course its safety compared with tobacco. In fact, by choosing stones and other minerals, there's no more burning shisha tobacco, which is a particularly harmful step, since the resulting smoke contains many toxic substances. And no more unpleasant smells of cold tobacco indoors or on your clothes.

At El-Badia, you'll find a range of quality hookah flavours and find your favourite: from cheap shisha flavours to assorted flavours, you're bound to find what you're looking for. We've also taken care to give you a choice of flavours, including a tobacco flavour for shisha or a fruit flavour.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

⭐️ What shisha flavours are available?

You can find the following Cloud One and Zodiac flavours:

⭐️ Which shisha to choose?

Use our selection tool to easily choose your chicha.

⭐️ What are the El Badia brand shishas?

El Badia makes its own shisha, including :

⭐️ What other accessories are there for your shisha?

As well as tastes and shishas, you can find accessories such as :